Shekel Mobility?
We began Shekel Mobility to optimize the auto industry with access to credit as well as other essential tools and financial services that scale businesses.
Digitizing the autodealership industry in today’s expanding economy has never been more crucial. For us, Shekel Mobility stemmed from a need to create an all-inclusive approach to buying, selling, managing, financing, and growing a car business today. In Africa, we identified a huge gap in the market with lack of financing being the most common challenge.

There are limited opportunities for small auto businesses to thrive and even lower chances for dealers who are only just entering the market.Driven by a founding team of people with substantial experience in auto and tech industries, we aligned on a simple focus - to leverage technology as an accelerating tool for auto dealers in emerging markets.

What is more, buying and selling cars with Shekel Mobility is priced at significantly lower rates than is possible on the open market today. From the local car dealers to the agents, everyone should have access to all that is required to do business easier, smarter, and more effectively.

We are opening up a new and exciting frontier in the auto industry, where access is attainable and the opportunity for growth is limitless.
Our Impact
1,315Shekel Dealers
3,942Cars Traded
$50,000,000Powered Transactions
Why you should choose Shekel Mobility
Instant financing up to $200k
No collateral
Low interest rate
Hands-on support team
Dealer marketplace
Secure and accredited car lots