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Top 5 Car Safety Features You Need to Know About

Safety is of utmost importance when on the road, either as drivers or even passengers. So, when it comes to buying a car, safety should be a top priority, especially in this part of the world.

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The Future of Auto Retail: Trends and Predictions for 2023 and Beyond

Digitalization is changing the way we buy cars, and retailers need to keep up with this trend. Consumers are increasingly expecting a seamless online purchasing process, and retailers need to invest in digital technologies to meet their expectations.

Selling Cars in the Digital Age: How Auto Dealerships Can Adapt to a Changing Market

With the rise of digital marketing and online shopping, the automotive industry is changing at a breakneck pace. To stay competitive, auto dealerships need to adapt and evolve with the times and trends.

How to Build a Successful Auto Dealership Team

To truly build a successful team, you need to invest in their training and development. Provide your team with the tools they need to be successful, such as sales training, product knowledge, and customer service skills.

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How Shekel Credit Can Help Auto Dealerships Secure Financing for Car Purchases

Shekel Credit offers up to $200k in instant credit for car purchases without any collateral required.